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This week on our SEO series, SEO Like A CEO, we are talking about internal links. That's just the official name for the idea of linking to yourself — they are links to any other page on your same domain or website.

Mediavine co-founder and CEO Eric Hochberger explains how every link on your site TO your site — from the header to the content to the footer — is considered an internal link. Each link is a vote for yourself, so each one needs to matter. Learn how to utilize this important linking tool for SEO and user experience.

Learn more about external links on the Mediavine blog:

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  1. Ohio Tropics Говорит

    Great stuff! When you said not to link to the same page twice, I assume you meant within the same post, correct?

    1. Mediavine Говорит

      Yes, that’s right. You don’t want to link to the same page more than once on a single page. Linking to a page from multiple pages on your site is key to this strategy.

  2. Yana K Говорит

    Thanks! Do you need relative or absolute links?

    1. Yana K Говорит

      @Mediavine Thank you! That helps a lot

    2. Mediavine Говорит

      Hey Yana, Your choice of relative links or absolute links doesn’t matter as much to Google. We suggest using absolute links, though. In the event your site is syndicated, the links will still point back to your site. Hope that helps!

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