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Backlinks are links to your site from third parties. They're sometimes called inbound links or one-way links, and they're an important ranking factor in SEO. The more you receive, the better — yes. But there are a number of additional factors and nuances involved.

In this episode of SEO Like A CEO, Mediavine co-founder and CEO Eric Hochberger explains the ins and outs of backlinks, from homepage links to deep links. Watch the video to learn which backlinks help the most, how to determine quality and where backlinks should point.

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  1. Maggie Klaassens Говорит

    Should collaborations with other bloggers have no follows? I do a monthly collab with other craft bloggers where we link to each others sites. I was told by Stupid Simple SEO to have no follows as they are spammy to Google. Would love your recommendation as well!

    1. Maggie Klaassens Говорит

      @Mediavine Thank you! The content isn’t spammy at all. Its quality links back to those bloggers but they are also simultaneously linking back to the same set of bloggers including myself. That’s my concern. It’s relevant content and quality sites, it’s more the fact that we end up creating this loop where I link to them and then they link to me. This is helpful though. I think your point about not having a bulleted list might be key. Thank you.

    2. Mediavine Говорит

      Hi Maggie! If you have concerns about content that could be spammy to Google, you might want to think twice about publishing it. Just remember that when you link to others, it is best to do so organically with text around it, rather than publishing it all in a code block or bulleted list. Here’s our post about external linking that explains our recommendations further: https://www.mediavine.com/external-links/

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