rallymind CEO Mark Michael: Hits $2m Revenue Helping Marketers Launch SEO Pages At Scale

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Click below to see #'s from CEO:
2:51 Customer count
12:26 Employee count, team size
1:57 Year founded
6:13 Capital raised to date
3:39 Recurring revenue (MRR & ARR)
4:54 Gross churn
1:22 Average revenue per user (ARPU)
3:58 Revenue in 2018
14:33 Cash burn

rallymind is a Data Powered Experience i.e. landing pages
Visit them: rallymind.com

To see how much revenue this company is doing visit: now

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7 Комментарии
  1. Martin Karolyi Говорит

    Great insights. Thank you for making these interviews. Very helpful!

    1. Nathan Latka Говорит

      Thanks Martin!

  2. SA Home Buyer Говорит

    Great interview

  3. Roberto Moreno Говорит


  4. Jah Dakal Говорит

    LMFAO him grilling them is so funny.

    1. Martin Karolyi Говорит

      agree. but I think this particular interview was especially interesting (at least for me) as it shows typical hiccups to avoid as a CEO. Mark for sure does a great job, but after this conversation I think he realises that he is supposed to know more about his company. hope that helps him to spend money more wisely in the future.

  5. Jah Dakal Говорит

    Quiz Mattss

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