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How early should you use your keyword in a blog post? Mediavine co-founder and CEO Eric Hochberger is here to tell us.

Keyword prominence is how close your keyword is to the beginning of a section, or element of your page. Basically, as the term implies, how prominent your keyword is.

Check out this episode of SEO Like A CEO to learn more about keyword prominence, and don't miss our accompanying blog post:

6 Комментарии
  1. Laura Hickman Говорит

    I knew about doing this stuff, but it’s nice to finally know why. Thank you so much.

    1. Mediavine Говорит

      You are so welcome!

  2. Farooq Qaisrani Говорит

    You just nailed it. Awesome

    1. Mediavine Говорит


  3. The Carpenter's Daughter Говорит

    Thanks! Didn’t know that it bolded some. I do wonder why some people bold their keyword in their own posts though?

    1. Mediavine Говорит

      Glad you enjoyed this video!

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