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Who is Powered by Search?

Powered by Search is a full service, award winning Internet Marketing company based in Toronto, Canada. We offer SEO, PPC, Local Search (Maps Optimization & IYP), Social Media and Web Design services.

Powered by Search is well recognized and quoted in industry publications for its expertise in organic search engine optimization, web analytics, call tracking, and rich media search optimization.

The Powered by Search team consists of passionate people who have years of marketing experience under their belts, are fluent in 6 different languages including Spanish and French, and come from many different walks of life. We are ambitious and driven, looking to provide only the best results possible for you and your brand. Our experts are constantly seeking new knowledge and expanding their skills : our results come from keeping up with changes in the industry, and shifting strategies to match those changes and stay ahead of the game. provide the results of a large agency, while giving you the agility and level of service of a boutique agency. We don’t hide behind account managers, so you can expect to speak with the experts who are delivering for your business day in and day out.

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6 Комментарии
  1. SEO Services Los Angeles Говорит

    this is very informative. thanks for this.

  2. Powered by Search Говорит

    @seosmarty Thanks!

  3. zkarim011 Говорит

    I still love watching this video — it’s what drew me to you guys in the first place. The song is awesome!

  4. Ann Smarty Говорит

    Great use of typography actually — good job!

  5. Powered by Search Говорит

    @24simms What you’re referring to is a ‘merging’ issue under Google places. You can report a problem tab in Google places to point out which elements of your place page are mixing with the other business. The Places team will review this and your listing will return to normal with time. Lastly, keep in mind that you should continue to create business listings in local business directories such as hotfrog, brownbook, and yelp.

  6. Jeff simms Говорит

    My ad is local ad on Google is mixing with another ad that is not mine.. Do you have any info on how to fix this?

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