SEO Vs Social Media in Telugu | Which is better for marketing business?

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Telugu video comparing SEO and Social Media. Which one among the SEO and Social Media is better for marketing a business on the internet? Both the subjects generate traffic and lead to the business. But, which one is good to work more on it.
SEO attracts organic traffic from the search engines with On page Techniques, off page Techniques. Visitors who are searching for us at that time would visit our website.
Social Media promotes our business with ads or publishing posts on the social networks. We are marketing our business to a lot of people in a social network on our own.
Both the subjects are useful and needed for every website to market a product to right customers in right time.

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15 Комментарии
  1. Amarnadh Mekala Говорит

    Thank you brother

  2. Gude Visweswararao Говорит

    Super analysis

  3. Kranthy Jaddu Говорит

    hi sir DM course me office address msg chayyandi

  4. mohan mohan Говорит

    sir, can I get opportunity after completing seo?
    must and should reply sir

    1. smarttelugu Говорит

      market lo chaala opportunities unnayi

  5. Mekapothula Naresh Говорит

    SEO institute Hyderabad lo ekkada brother

    1. smarttelugu Говорит

      +naresh mekapothula near jntu kphn

  6. JAFAR Miya Говорит

    hi sir would you clarify me of CPM, CPC, CPA with Examples…..

    1. Ravi Kumar Говорит

      I’m Kavitha and I have one year experience in email marketing .. so just I explained .. if I explained any wrong then sorry sir ..

    2. Ravi Kumar Говорит

      Every one gets promotional mails .. if u get such business mails then client pay to marketer for no of mails send .. its cost per mail..

      If u open that mail then client pay for opened mails that is cpo

      If u click on home page or image of particular product then client pay for no of clicked mails to marketer .. its cpc

      If u fill up ur details like registration for particular mail otherwise if u purchased that product then client vl pay for that sales or no of registrations … it’s cpa

      Example icici health insurance
      Car insurance
      Home loans

    3. Ravi Kumar Говорит

      Cost per mail
      Cost per click
      Cost per action or acquisition

    4. JAFAR Miya Говорит

      tnq sir

    5. smarttelugu Говорит

      Miya…I will try to do it.

  7. amar Говорит

    Bro: almost seo nerchukonna but i have one doubt not a small big doubt
    Facebook lo ads vastuntai Na Facebook lo kuda display avutunnai Adi Ala vastunnai oka adwords use chesi audiene target chedtunnara ane oka doubt
    Koncham adi Ala ads display cheyalo cheppandi bro

  8. Manchi mata Говорит

    hii sir..I’m interested to learn digital marketing course in Hyd..which institute is best for digital marketing in Hyd..

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